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About Us in Wokalup

Getting caught up in the daily grind is not a new story to tell but following a passion and starting a new life in another state shows the determination of the couple behind Wokalup’s local Brugan beers. Discover more about the team and our backstory.

Realising Their Dream

In 2017 Bruce and Megan left Melbourne and moved to WA with their children, where they took over The Wokalup whilst still holding onto their dream of building a brewery out the back of the old country pub. In 2019 work started and the dream of creating a modern space for people to come together, relax, enjoy a few beers, and share some food was finally becoming a reality.

Building their Dream

Construction of the brewery began in 2020, and with it the dream of creating a modern space to bring people together over a few beers became a reality

Now Open!

Thanks to our hard-working tradies, we opened this  year and are ready to  welcome you

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