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Brewing with character is at the heart of our operations at Brugan. From refreshing lagers your mates will love to our hoppy IPAs, we’re sure to make a brew to suit your palate. If you love our beers then you can take home a growler filled with your favourite beer or drop off your Corny Keg to be filled by our head brewer.


The patrons asked, we delivered.

In September 2022 we started putting our beer into cans so you can enjoy our beer in more ways than one.

To date we have canned IPA, Mid IPA, Hazy IPA, Kolsch, Pale Ale and Vanilla Porter.

Our Beers On Tap


Pouring like a porter, made from a traditional lager malt bill with the addition of chocolate rye malt, provides the complexity of sweet malt with subtle coffee notes.

Malt – Pilsner, Vienna, Rolled Wheat, Chocolate Rye

Hops – Nugget


Similar to an American Pale, but with more body and a balance more towards malt than hops. Amber in colour, this beer is rich in caramel undertones.

Malt – Ale, Carared, Rolled Wheat, Chocolate, Dark Crystal

Hops – Trident, Chinook

HAZY IPA – 5% ABV 19.2 IBU

An American IPA with intense fruit flavours and aromas, a soft body and smooth mouthfeel. Characteristic of this beer is its opaqueness and substantial haze. Lower on the bitterness scale with tropical and juicy flavours. The rolled oats and dry hop additions using the US Zappa to impart hop shine and contribute to the haze.

Malt – Ale, Rolled Oats, Rolled Wheat, Vienna, Wheat, Light Crystal

Hops – Trident, US Zappa

MID IPA – 3.6% ABV 27.2 IBU

Take a perch and enjoy this full-bodied, characterful mid-strength. Showcasing tropical fruit and citrus aromas, this beer has a balanced hop profile with a solid malt taste.

Malt – Ale, Vienna, Rolled Wheat, Carapils, Light Crystal, Dark Crystal.

Hops – NZH-107, CTZ

IPA – 5.3% ABV 34 IBU

Full bodied Indian Pale Ale, balanced bitterness with strong citrus like aroma with prominent floral tones.

Malt – Ale, Vienna, Rolled Wheat, Dark Crystal, Light Crystal

Hops – Strata, Cascade, NZH-107



Sadle up and taste the malty biscuit flavours in this easy drinking ale. Made with New World Hops and balanced with passionfruit and citrusy aromas this one finishes with a subtle bitter bite.

Malt – Ale, Vienna, Rolled Wheat, Dark Crystal Malt

Hops – CTZ, US Zappa, NZH-107


If you’re a sucker for the coffee and choclate flavours of a classic porter then this is your ale. Aromas of vanilla bean and bourbon balance the bitterness of the malt.

Malt – Ale, Light Crystal, Dark Crystal, Chocolate Malt, Caramalt

Hops – Flinders Hop Flowers

KOLSCH - 4.3% ABV 19 IBU

Survey your land whilst experiencing this beer’s clean and refreshing character. Made with ale yeast, this beer is smooth and crisp with residual sweetness and hints of citrus zest aromas.

Malt – Pilsner, Vienna, Rolled Wheat

Hops – Nugget, Comet


Seasonal Release

Please come in to the brewery to see what’s on tap today.





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